To better understand the worldwide protests of 2020, watch the ones in bold.

  1. Stormy Weather (1943)
    For fans of musicals, this all-Black production features Lena Horne, Cab Calloway, and the Nicholas Brothers.

Here’s your official COVID-19 watchlist.

Well, things are getting kind of bad. It’s looking like we may be essentially quarantined for upwards of three months. And if we have the luxury to telecommute or the misfortune of being temporarily or permanently laid off, we are, for the most part, stuck at home. This means time to intake content! Invite your family, significant others, or roommates to the living room for a movie night! Start a new show! Or host a Google Hangout with your closest friends and watch a movie together in real-time!

Need suggestions? I’ve got you covered for…

Spoilers ahead.

I had so much fun watching Ocean’s 8, it should be illegal.

(Hold for applause.)

Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) sets out to pull off the most ambitious heist ever: she’s going to rob hundreds of millions of dollars worth of priceless jewels from the Met Gala. The goal of the caper is two-fold: obviously, a few mill is never a bad thing, but Debbie also seeks revenge against Claude Becker (Richard Armitage), a bougie art dealer ex-boyfriend and the reason Debbie was locked up to begin with. Sister of the supposedly late Danny Ocean (George Clooney from Ocean’s 11–13), Debbie…

The attempts to utilize the #MeToo movement against Cory Booker is not only disgusting, they’re coded.

Earlier today, Senator Cory Booker became impassioned while questioning Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen about President Trump’s infamous sh*thole comments. Nielsen took a page from Beuregard’s book and claimed she “didn’t recall” Trump’s comments, defended his praise of Norway, and blamed everyone else in the room for using “tough language.”

Booker, in turn, delivered a Sterling K. Brown-esque speech about his disgust at Nielsen’s “silence” and “amnesia,” calling her complicit in the president’s racist and bigoted behavior. He said the he was “hurt” when Senator Durbin told him what Trump says, and that many Americans are hurting as well…

“The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

*Spoilers for “Hostiles” ahead*

The above quote by D.H. Lawrence opened Scott Cooper’s Hostiles. The dark neo-western stars Christian Bale as Captain Joseph J. Blocker, a white American soldier with a gory reputation of capturing, torturing, and killing Native Americans on the 19th Century frontier. One day, he’s given the task of escorting his aging nemesis, Cheyenne Chief Yellow Hawk (Wes Studi), and his family back to their homeland in the Valley of the Bears, Montana. En route, they encounter Rosalee (Rosamund Pike), who within the first few minutes of the film has watched her husband, two little girls, and…

The Golden Globes took on sexual harassment in entertainment, but failed to face another problem looming over the industry.

Extremely talented black hotties.

During press for the Golden Globes, host Seth Meyers said that Hollywood sex scandals would be “the elephant in the room.” Then during the show broadcast last night, he addressed “the elephant not in the room,” A.K.A. Harvey Weinstein, concluding with a biting joke suggesting people will boo him during his in memorium.

Maybe I’m going to hell, but I thought it was pretty damn funny.

The night was unfortunately nothing special when it comes to award shows. Yes, women donned black dresses and suits and men wore “Time’s Up” pins, but the awards were, for the most part, disappointing…

Seriously. What the hell is this?

God, these two always have such weird fucking handshakes.

You invited him to France in the midst of a political and familial scandal?

From left to right: Halsey, Tegan and Sara, Joan Jett, and Young M.A

“She doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore,” sings indie-pop sensation Halsey in the opening line to her single, “Strangers.” It’s a summery, 80’s inspired duet with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui. Both singers are openly bisexual; the track is a love song between two women struggling with their relationship and their feelings for one another. Halsey described it as Pat Benatar meets Stevie Nicks meets Daft Punk, and as strange as that sounds, it’s spot on. But it’s not just catchy–it disrupts a disturbing trend in contemporary pop music: it’s the first love song Halsey wrote using female pronouns. In…

This is a bagel.

Delicious, no doubt, but definitely better when paired with something else, like cream cheese, or butter, or Nutella, or the blood of your enemies. A classic. The norm. Well-liked, for the most part.

This is donut.

Liv Senghor

Writer living in New York City. Crazy lady. Proud citizen of Wakanda. Very stable genius.

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